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Final C4T Summary

C4T assignments are pretty interesting. I enjoyed seeing and reading professional teachers blogs. I know it was new to some of them like it was me but it was nice seeing them work on it. Some of the ones that have been doing this for a while were really impressive. It was something to shoot for one day when I become a professional teacher.

Final PLN Summary

PLN is another thing I doubted when I started this class but once again I have came around. I enjoy my PLN so much it is my home page. I am always adjusting it like Dr. Strange said we would. I currently have my PLN on Symbaloo set up as my class info in the upper left corner, my entertainment Items in the upper right, my daily needs stuff is in my lower right corner, and in my lower left corner is the stuff I use in for my job. I really do appreciate Dr. Strange for introducing this concept and I hope to continue to use it. 


The C4K assignments have been my favorite part of this class. It is always interesting seeing young children doing blogs at such a young age. In the beginning of the semester I was a little uneasy about it but then I learned how monitored they were by their teachers and parents. I can honestly say now I would not mind having my children one day take part in blogging at school.

The past few C4K assignments have been my favorite. The lasting was commenting on Alice and Wonderland. It was amazing seeing a young girl get the underlining meaning of the story. The other interesting one was the Flat Brianna assignment. It was a typical Flat Stanly project but hearing of how she wanted to send it to her Grandfather was the best part. The oldest C4K assignment involved Sharon and the video of the crocodile attaching the baby elephant. She knew it was part of life but she still wanted the older elephants to save the baby.

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Blog Post #13

ALEX (Alabama Learning Exchange) is a very interesting website. ALEX is a website that should be used by every teacher in Alabama. It is set up as a one stop teaching tool for all teachers. It is designed for teachers to share ideas, lesson plans, techniques, and materials. It is an open form for teacher to better prepare themselves and to pick up new ideas.

I have never heard of it but I am glad I spent the time to explore. I probably did not do it justice in exploring it because I know there is so much more information on the website that I did not see. There was tons of information on the website for teachers to use but the sad part is I bet most teachers in Alabama do not know about this website. I believe if this website was used by all teachers they would greatly appreciate it. I know one day I hope to use this website. It is truly a priceless piece of material.

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Blog Post #12

Where We Stand . Testing: No Child Left Behind
Watch the Video form a PBS Episode:

Report back on your blog how you feel and what should be done about this hot topic in education. Also tell how technology could be affected by these poor test grades and if modernized teaching techniques could be the cause for these low scores.

I firmly disagree with everything No Child Left Behind stands for. I feel it puts students at a disadvantage and it also punishes the teachers. The grading system the government uses is also unfair and needs to be modernized. The government does not take into account the students in special education or with special needs.  I know this class is based on technology in the classroom and that would be directly affected if funding was cut for poor scores. Therefore it is hard for me to go against the standard way of teaching at least until the standardized testing is changed.

Progress Report on Final Project

Our final project is coming along slowly but surely. We are playing with the idea of doing a podcast instruction manual/user guide. We would also include a written version. If we are on the right path please let us know.

Results and Summary on Project #6


The results of my survey were interesting but what I expected from this University and its students. Being that we are at University form the South I knew everyone would know we have a football program here at South. The other part that did not shock me was that just a little over half the students in the survey have attended a game here at South. You can tell that is true by the amount of students that attend the football games. One thing that was encouraging about  the survey was that 83% of the people surveyed thought a stadium on campus would help with attendance. I have to agree with this response and think that a stadium should already be in the works. That is if we want to be considered a really football program and one that should be reckoned with.

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Ms. Cassidy is a very interesting lady. She does not seem scared to push the limit on what her students can do. I do like to see that her students are involved and interested in the technology she offers. I know the she is way a head of the game in regards to what her students can do. I it does help her students later on in life by having a good foundation in technology early since everywhere we turn now of days involves some form of technology. I hope Ms. Cassidy keeps up her ways of teaching her kids the uses and advantages of technology.

When I look at what Ms. Cassidy is doing with her students I really do not see to many connection with what I plan on doing in my classes. I plan to be a science or health teacher and both of those only really need technology for doing research. Skype, twitter, and etc. really will not play apart in my teaching style. I'm not say you should not use these wonderful things I just do not think I will be using them. I would also not want to deal with the administration of my school and have all those permission letter be sent out.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Summary Post C4T

This C4T summary was a little more interesting then the last one. I think this is due to the fact that this batch of teachers was more interesting. My most resent teacher was the best. He really stressed the the teacher and students relationship and how the world is lacking them. He Really seemed to be a really good teacher who was in touch with his students and his teaching abilities. I just hope that one day I can build relationships like that with my students.

C4K Summary Two

Now this were some easy assignments. They were both fun and interesting. Just wanting to be a teacher means you have a soft spot in your heart for kids. The majority of my assignment in this section was associated younger kids. Most of the time it show cased their art work and their storytelling abilities. As a whole my comments focused on how well they did and how they needed to keep up the hard work. I hope they enjoy my comments as much as I did writing them.

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Blog Post 10

     After reading Morgan Bayda's blog, I am relieved to know other students experience the same concentration difficulty as I do. I could not agree with her blog more. When I am sitting in my two hour classes two and three times a day, I find it very difficult to concentrate and participate especially in the last two hour session of class that day. I also find it difficult in the early morning classes as well as the professors with boring monatone. Classes always seem to be more enjoyable when the professors include the students in the lecture topics and allow us to communicate amongst each other to discuss our ideas with each other. Class is usually always more effective when the professor asks the students questions throughout the lecture, this always seems to hold my attention to the material instead starring off into space. Also, if the classes were maybe a little shorter, it would help us students to retain all of the information provided by the professor. Sometimes in these two hour classes, I feel as though the professors try to squeeze all of the material into these two hour sessions, and they may or may not cover all of the material in depth.

     Overall, I feel that classes would be more enjoyable and effective if professors would include the students in the lectures and allow them to participate throughout the class period. Also, I believe that if the class times were shortened this would give us students more time to read and study on our own time outside of class and maybe be more prepared for upcoming test. While I do feel that staying in school and attending class at its scheduled times are important, I feel it is very difficult to hold everyone's attention in one particular topic for two hours especially when we have several two hour classes in one day.

My sentence:
I am trying to better the younger generations with my inspiration of an education degree.        

Additional Assignment #3

I am beginning to enjoy Sir Ken Robinson's lectures. I remember the first couple of lectures we watched really upset me and got me going. I'm starting to realize he is totally right. I think I was slow to come around because I come from a long history of teachers and not doing things the way they did just does not feel right. As the World changes we as teachers and a society must change. I firmly believe believe the quickest way to change a society is through it's teachers and professor. I believe this because those lucky people are the one that are shaping the minds of the youth. So I regards to Sir Robinson I feel he is very enlightened and speaking the truth I just feel some of his beliefs well never be a reality. For example he asked why we group kids by age in school? I do not have a problem with grouping kids. For starter kids of the same age act the same and are into the same things. I would not have a problem adjusting some kids grade levels based on their achievement levels but I would not get to radical.

I love the style of the presentation. I really kept my attention and I wanted to learn more. It was kind of just like those UPS commercials on the whiteboard. I am all for any kind of presentation that keeps my attention. During a presentation such as Sir Robinson"s takes some talent. I know the part of the team I would not be a part of and that is drawer. I believe I could be the narrator or possibly the author.  

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Post #9

Mr. McClung's seems to be someone that really enjoys his job and looks forward to going to it everyday. That reason alone is why Mr. McClung is probably a good teacher. He really had a lot of interesting points that really stuck with me. For starters I liked how he discussed how his lesson where centered around his students. He did not care if his peers like his style as long as the students where picking it up. He also said lesson plans are always changing and not to get upset if to had to change them up some. Just be flexible was the phrase he used. Then he went into one of my personal beliefs which is communicate. People work together so much better when they communicate. Mr. McClung continued by discussing why you should not set your students expectations to high. They are still children and failure to they does not always work. Finally he ended by say "Never stop learning." I totally agree with this comment. If you are not learning you are not living.


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Post #8

1.) Richard Miller's video on how we dream was interesting and brought up some really good points. His main focus was how we as a civilization did not just read book or write like they did 50 years ago. He focused on how everything has went electronically. I myself personal have noticed that too. For example my girlfriend who is currently in nursing school recently bought all E books this semester for her clinicals. It shocked me when she told me but I know we are in modern times.
My overall feeling about Miller's video is kind of neutral. I know E books, word processors, and video lectures are the wave of the future but it will be hard for those to bet a real book, pen and paper, and good one on one lecture. I know those are all ancient and barbaric things but they work and that is how I personally learn.   



Project #11

American Wars

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Additional Assignment #2

How Kids Teach Themselves

1. Yes I believe motivated learners can teach themselves. Motivated individuals have the power to do just about anything they set their minds to. It is all about how bad the person wants the thing they are after.
2. A kid's mind is a powerful powerful tool. Early in life this tool might as well be a huge sponge. Knowledge and know how is just waiting to enter their minds so yes motivated kids can teach themselves.
3. The conditions do have to be right do learning to happen. One key factor I believe in is the ability to exclude oneself from everyone else so you are free of distractions.    
4. Technology does play a factor in today's learning styles but I believe the style of learning that an individual picks is solely based off their preference.
5. Someone hungry to learn is a great thing and self drive plays a huge part in someone's ability to learn.
6. Problems are nothing but a speed hump on the road to success. When one of these individuals faces a problem they should try to tackle it themselves or find someone who can help them.
7. Motivation someone to learn is a tricky situation. You can push someone or the edge and they will not come back you for guidance but in turn you can be so hands off they they lose interest and are forced to go else where.
8. Motivation for me comes in many different forms. For starters I think about my future and my future family. Second I think of my family and all the sacrifices they made for me to be here. Third I am a self motivated person who wants nothing but excellence.
9. It is difficult for none motivated learners to learn but it is not impossible.
10. Yes I teach myself everyday. Like I said I am a motivated person and if I cannot do something I will find a way to do it or I'll get help.
11. Teachers are everything in learning when you are in a school setting. Teachers are their for motivation, guidance, and most of all help.
12. The video showed me how important and interesting computers are to the world. They are not as difficult as they seem to be.
13. How should I motivate my students?

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My Life

Project #10 - MY PLN

Halfway through the semester and my PLN is coming along slowly but surely. PLN is a new concept to me so it is taken a minute for me catch on to it. I think by the end of the semester I'll have one of the best in the class but I'm just a few weeks behind on picking it up. One part of my PLN that I do feel good about is my BLOG. I have stayed up to date on my assignments and blogged regularly so made that is a strong point of my PLN. Keep checking in because the sky is the limit on my PLN.

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Summary Post C4T

It is amazing to seeing how other teachers work in their classrooms. The teacher I got to focus on was Paula White. In here first blog she discussed how she used visual charts and pictures to help her students learn. She used a graph to show how the three little pigs worked. In her second blog she discussed how putting students in groups can be both a bad thing and a good thing. She was very insightful and helpful.  

Sunday, October 3, 2010


The networked student is a new idea and term for me. I always kind of felt I used every resource I could but I guess I was not using enough to be considered a networked student. Once again I am not sure I i totally agree with this. I feel a teacher should have a hand in every part of their students development. I do not agree with the hands off approach. I know personally some the best teacher I have ever had in both college and high school were hands on teacher and were their for me whenever I need them.

I do agree with being connected to other student from around the World but their is a time and a place for that and it should be used sparingly. Relying solely on interacting through a web cam or e-mail will cause students to not interact on a one on one level. When that happens you lose out on your true people skills. People skills have recently fell to the waist side in the past few years and I think it is just said. Take for example the other day I saw where they now offer Public Speaking as an On-Line class. How is that possible? You need people to have "PUBLIC" speaking.

So in reguards to the question "Does a networked student really need a teacher?" I firmly believe they do. They need them for to guide them through their academic years and to prepare them for the real world.

PLN and PLE are both new terms to me. You must have a PLE to have a PLN. The PLN is a the group of people you use in your PLE. PLN goes more along the lines with the Networked Student. Any good student should already be using a PLE. Through my research and discoveries an PLE is just being organized and using more technology than they did in the past. So looking at it from the big picture PLN and PLE both go bother and are the wave of the future.

Yes the machine is changing us. We as a civilization are always changing so this is not a shocker to me. If we are not changing then we are not evolving and we are getting passed up. Everyone is their own person and wants to be treated that way. The machine is the reason why everyone thinks they should be treated in a special way but they must understand you have to earn the right to be treated special. So the Machine is changing us both in a good way and in a bad way. How will the Machine change you?

C4K Summary

C4K assignment #1 and #2 was a very interesting assignment. Being involved and posting on an elementary school student's blog was pretty interesting. For starters an elementary school student having a blog is kinda uneasy to begin with but he did really well on his blogs. In my responses I posted on his blog were simple and strait to the point. I told him I enjoyed reading about him and how I felt he had a good understanding of the world around him. I also told him to keep up the good work and to never stop learning.

In assignment #2 I was assigned to the same student at the same elementary school. In his second blog he kept repeating how important respect was to him and how he believed in it. Respect is a pet peeve of mine too so we saw eye to eye on that as well. Both assignment combined I felt I had a real connection with my student and enjoyed every second of it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Not sure how many of you know and understand podcast but I know I did not before I did this Blog. I have anyways heard about podcast since I have had an iPod for years but in those years I have never used or downloaded a podcast. Thanks to "100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better," I figured out where podcast come from and when they started. This article was probably more informative then the rest. My favorite out of the three links that I looked at was the 3rd graders. Eagles' Nest Radio is very impressive. I can only hope my groups podcast is half as good as that one. Those were so very well spoken 3rd graders. The only problem I saw with their podcast was that the music sometimes overpowered what they were says. My last link I checked out about podcast was "The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom" by Joe Dale. This was a more educational look at how using podcast can help in a classroom setting. The most interesting part to me was how a sick student could get the day lecture at their house and still be product for that day at school even though they were sick. I just wish I could have had something like that. I now see and understand podcasting and see it benefits so the sky is the limit.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blog Post #4

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?

It is was not taught some of the items on that article then I know I would not be in college and especially not in this class. In today's World you cannot function without using the items in the article. Just finding out the weather or the news would almost be impossible.

I'm slowly starting to come around to the new technology beliefs. I was a believe like my parents and grandparents in that the Internet should be restricted but I'm slowly getting there. I will always believe it should be restricted to young ones but only to a certain age because without full access you cannot totally understand the Internet.

The iShool Initiative

This was a very interesting video. I totally agree with the young man. I was watching the video and had to stop the video so I could download the Constitution and the World Wiki on my touch. I love hearing of cool helpful apps and those where free so I love those. I would have saved a couple of trees back in the day if I had my touch during some of my Government classes.

I only problem I see with the iTouch being apart of every high school kids life is the cost and the up keep of the equipment.  He did bring attention to the cost but not to the upkeep of the equipment. This is a delicate piece of equipment and I know how I treated delicate items in high school and it was not to friendly. That is the only thing I wrong with going to the iSchool.

The Lost Generation

Wow AARP hit one right on top of the head. I thought that was a very interesting advertisement. I is scary but the first part of the reel is true and it will take a whole hell of a lot to change it.
I thought the presentation of the show was impressive. It was simple but very straight forward and to the point. Having it reverse it order at the end was genius. 

Eric Whitaker's Virtual Choir

It is a virtual rendition of "We Are The World" except it is people we do not know. Like I said early the Internet is and outstanding item. The way it connects people throughout the world is still out standing and it is getting better everyday. This video also shows the versatility of the Internet. It just is not for gathering information but it can be used of fun and entertaining things.

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Additional Assignment #1

a. The educational implications for searches such as Google Squared are very high. I never even knew about Google Squared. It is capable of giving you a lot of information in a quick amount of time. For example the info we looked up in the exercise would take 10 to 15 minutes searching each country individually. 
b. WolframAlpha provides information in a easy to read format that saves time and effort.
c. I did not know about Google Squared before this assignment.
d. I did not know about WolframAlpha before this assignment.
e. I knew the Did You Know stats were thrown in there to confuse you and make you think on your feet. At the moment I knew something was not always right about their figures but I feel better after you pointed some of them out.
f. I had a Exercise and Health class at Auburn and our professor warned us about not reading to much in to outlandish statistics so since them I research statistics that I do not feel comfortable about. Either in the way the data was collected or how it is presented is usually what gives it away.


EDM Presentation About ME


Gary Hayes Social Media Count

The counter was very interesting but the common sense in me wants to know where those statistics came from. Those are some pretty outrageous numbers and I like to know those are true concrete data or just a bunch of stats that someone throw together to impress someone. I do know the rate or blogger's and social website followers has ballooned to outrageous number and everyone I know is plugged into some type of social network. I knew it was something when I saw my parents on Facebook. That was scary. As for teachers having to be a part of this madness is truly up to them. Some of these social networks can get you in trouble so being a part of one should be up to the individual.

Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

Karl Fisch had some great points about the repercussions for a teacher that is not technologically literate but I feel they are to stiff for teachers of this generation. Now for young teachers or soon to be teachers I do think there should be a requirement for being able to work with technology. I just do not think today's teachers (age 40 and up) should not have to relearn their teaching philosophy. For starters they already have so much on their plates it is not funny. I just do not see how we can expect a high school coach for example to learn a new teaching style when he works a 15 hour day during the in season and barely has time for his family. It is just unfair to them and their students.

I know I have played devil's advocate in my past few post saying I would rather have better teachers than better technology in classrooms. I just feel that way because it is hard to replace a great teacher but it is easy to replace a Smart Board or a computer. I just feel those should be tools used by teachers but the class should not revolve around them. Person to person interaction is still the best way to learn (that's just me).

It’s Not about the Technology

Now this is a teacher that I can get on board with. She is thinking along that lines that I agree with. I love how she pointed out how technology is good in so many ways but can just be a paper weight if not used properly. This total education overhaul that I have recently blogged about must start with better educated teachers and ones that are more technologically savvy. Both of my parents are teachers at the high school level so I feel okay to talk about them but I know they both have Smart Boards in their classrooms and they can barely turn them on. That is not a knock on them but it just shows the gap in our generations. That is why by the time I am full time in a classroom I feel that technology will be used in every classroom properly.

I also agree with Hines in the fact that teachers of today and the future must be willing to learn and never stop learning. I agree with that because technology is going to keep growing and evolving and if teaches do not stay ahead of the curve they will get passed much like my parents did. God love them.

A Vision of Students Today

In the short video entitled "A Vision of Students Today," the creators once again decided to bash the education system that we know today. Yes I agree it is old and outdated but it is all we have. For there to be a total overhaul of the education system would take years and cost billions of dollars that the United States does not have. The national debt in the U.S. as of 9/12/10 is $13,455,924,064,871.34 (http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/). That figure along is so large I cant even say the number. So you know what happens when the Government cant pick up the tab? It falls back of the tax payer's and the people that pay tuition. I'm not bashing technology I'm just a realist and understand how expensive it is. The one thing I do agree with is that it will be our generation that has to change the system and we will also be the ones to pick up the tab for this system overhaul.

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C4T Summary

The teacher I was assigned was a very art driven teacher. Her first post was about Chuck Close an artist the draws portraits. The portraits that were shown on his You-tube video were so life like they were almost scary. You can tell he has true talent. The next post I that I looked at from Pondering Paige was telling of her night at The LoDa Artwalk. LoDa Artwalk is located in Downtown Mobile and happens of Friday nights from 6:00 to 9:00. It basically a big open house of art galleries and restaurants downtown. Paige talked of how much she enjoyed the trip and how relaxing it was. From the way she described it I might have to look into it myself.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts

Vicki Davis's class looks very enjoyable. I see were her class and the style of her class in both very informative and realistic. I think having a class like early in high would be very helpful and useful later in life. I also like how she was improving their literacy by making they look up a word and learn it. That is a real life situation that happens everyday.

The only down side I see with this is that her classroom looked pretty expensive. She was using some expensive equipment that not everyone can afford so I think it would be hard to tailor or class to a school that did not have their budget. The concept and the plan for the class is all very good. Vicki really impressed me. 

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

In the lecture Sir Ken Robinson has many interesting points about creativity and how the education system can sometime hinder the development of children creativity. I know and understand what he means but I do not agree with him in many of his major points. For starters I do believe there in a time and place of creativity in the schools but it can not over shadow the real reason why children are in school and that is to get an education. I think I almost vomited when he said, "Creativity is just as important as literacy." I sorry but if I am trying to hire someone I want someone that can read and write over someone that can paint me a picture or sing me a song. I guess that the difference between me and him but you can not put a price of some one's education. It is something that no one can take away from you and it is something that is always evolving since you are always learning new information.

I believe the time and place for creativity should be in after school programs or maybe in a limited amount of time during school. I just do not see the benefit of taking away the roots of education to allow time for stuff that kids can do on their own and does not require a trained professional such as a teacher. A teacher's time can just be better used for other actives other than helping a student to be creative.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

Mr. Winkle Wakes was like watch a movie after attending a Grateful Dead concert. For me it just stated the obvious that just yes technology has improved over the past 100 years. It did not take a cartoon man to tell me that. The worst part to me was the way they bashed the education system. Yes computers are a very important part of today's education but they are not everything. I had rather have a great teacher who was able to communicate with me than a computer that just sits there and makes me pull information out of it. The other problem that the creators of this video forgot was the money it cost for computers to be put into the classroom. In today's world we cannot even pay our teachers who run the classroom. All in all I feel a the video was making fun of the education system as a whole saying it is outdated and in the way of computers.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

Did you know?

This was an eye opening movie full of interesting stats. The only question I raise about all of their information is were did they collect it and how reliable is it. I like to think of myself realist and some of those numbers seem a little out there. Just totally trusting those numbers all living by them are a little scary.

The other thing I did not like about the video was I felt it was done by people who have never really had to do manual labor. After watching it you feel like if your not technologically savvy then your going to be left in the dust. They did not say a word about all the labor intensive job and professions that will be done form now to the end of time. So my overall view of "Did you know?" was not that impressive.

Did you know?

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About Me

Hello everyone who is enjoying my blog. This is a new experience for me in that I have never been one to fond of blogging. The good thing about me is I'll try everything if it will help me down the road. I'm in my third semester here at South working on my second degree in Health Education. My first degree was in exercise science and I received it at Auburn University. So my past five years have been spent all in Auburn and the past eight months here in Mobile.

Originally I'm from Northeast Alabama in a small town called Stevenson. It is a small town were family and friends are everything and that's what I pride myself on. I also believe in hard work and that it will pay off one day in some form or fashion. I know this want be my last blog so wish me luck with them. Thanks